Healing Hand Foundation ​

2023 Lovebirds Gala

Gud íitl' ḵwiiyáada

We Love Each Other

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall Juneau, Alaska

The Gala will Include:

Cocktail Reception


Sit-Down Dinner


Exclusive Giveaways


In-Person Auction


At HHF, we embrace

Gud íitl' kwiiyáada

By loving each through compassion and giving, we believe that everyone can make a difference.

You can support HHF or the 2023 Gala in several ways. Click on each item below to learn more:

The Gala Auction will be held both online and in-person at the event.

The online auction will be open to all bidders while the in-person auction at the event will be available only to ticketholders.

See below some of the featured items available for bid: